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Coming from a BMX racing background, I was stoked when I first saw a singlespeed mountain bike. Actually, you were the first person I ever saw riding one some years ago on a Thorpe ride, and I have been rocking the trails on one ever since. Thanks Elk.


Well written and still true today. Haven't ridden one speeds as long as you but I know most singlespeeders can hold their own with gearies. Sometimes even better.


Growing up a BMXer, I fully understand and appreciate the SS mtn bike. I wish my knees agreed. I remember when Elk got his first SS Ventana. We were on the Lincoln Drive section of the Wiss trails and we swapped bikes. There are some make shift bmx rollers in that area of the park. I just remember having so much fun on the jumps and was suprised how light the bike was. I was like "this is some crazy shit!"

Four years later, I witnessed Elk kick the shit out of the field at the Leadville 50 on a SS. The only other SS in the race was Matt Chester out of 200 riders plus. That same week he decided to hand me my ass on the climb up to 403 in CB.



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