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Jay de Jesus

I am sure all of us have a rage story to relate, and it can be downright violating, outrageous, dangerous, nervous or deadly to ride a bike. Seriously f'd up. Mark, I took the liberty of posting this on my Valley Mountain Bikers website. Hope you don't mind.

Jamie aka FG

Heavy stuff Elk. Very sad to see a young kid loose his life to sensless violence.

Frank Brigandi

Hot headed teens.. nothing new, hot headed teens with guns, how is it happening? why is it happening? My wife and I frequent the italian market for groceries then hit Sarcones for bread... seen some unusual displays of Philly affection, but mostly took it as part of the atmosphere.
Got your 29er back yet?


Nice words Elk,
should be in the Philly papers

Tim Faia

Senseless violence, poor kid didn't have a chance to get out of the way. When are motorists going to realize that there is enough pavement?

Will Tate

That was lovely Elk. It's real bad here in New Orleans too. The violence is very random. I worry when piss off drivers on my bike. It's cheesy but I think being on foot or on the bike makes you feel a bit closer to what is happening on "the street." Every day we go without a murder I'm so happy.


I just reread this post. I think you need to submit it to the Philly Inquier... or at least the South Philly Review. And maybe to Urban Cyclist or whatever they fuck they are calling it now.

Nice work on this post. More people need to read it.

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